Global Data — Global Graph

non-canonical vision of The Graph future

Today i’m going to share with you my (crazy) vision of what The Graph can become in the future.

As we know The Graph is already proceeding millions of queries daily, but what are these queries about?
No brainer — it’s DeFi/Dexes. On Eth. But the potential of the protocol is much higher!
Imagine any accessible data in the world can be seen and used by anyone who needs it!

Ok, little bit too fast, right?))) Let’s go step by step

First goal is expansion to other networks but Eth. Yes! Imagine, there are valuable data too. And these data can be even not connected to trading and DeFi, but to REaL WoRLd use cases.
Examples are there. Also don’t forget — 5G networks are coming. What does it mean? MUCH more data from IOT devices and some of them will need to be verified on-chain. And that is/will be not what Eth or even Eth 2.0 can handle. And it doesn’t need to.
So devs, curators, indexers will go beyond Eth, to the data that would be much more valuable in that new world.

Ok, but there will be data, that won’t be needed to be stored or processed on-chain, but valuable to someone. You can say it’s already available — yes, but not that way — just from single source, in the single way, mostly.
Yes, that’s the most interesting and futuristic part. In my opinion, Graph can become global data feed, WIX for those, who needs any data presented in any way.

Imagine easy plug-n-play Dapp you can use according to your needs, without being a dev!
I imagine it like there is a set of tools, from which you can build nearly anything.
Like you provide link for any data sources, be it Github, Api(s), any other links containing data, or all of it combined, and Graph tells you what can be built from it. Or you select from data currently indexed and curated, known as subgraphs, but without the need to write any query by manually editing lines — you are provided with pre build GUI you can customize. Or you can combine both. Then you select everything you need, customize it and get working dapp or just use, sell data presented in the way you want.

May be it sounds too futuristic, may be it’s too huge and will need development of Graph own chain for handling all this, not even speaking of such things as GUIs, Dapp building tools, etc.
But with all needed tools Graph can become single window for those in need of any valuable data in the world and be valuable to nearly everyone.